Carpet Repair

Strething Carpet

Seaming Carpet

Islands Carpet Cleaners offers a wide variety of carpet repair services in Savannah. One of the major repair services is water damages, but there are other more common damages that are found in every day homes.

One of the main damages found is buckling or stretching in the carpet. You may notice as carpet wears and ages, your carpet may buckle in certain areas. When carpet is installed, the carpet is stretched tightly across the floor. With time the backing can stretch leaving buckles in the areas that may not be able to retain as much tension. With this problem, Islands Carpet Cleaners has specific tools that can help with in an hour. In most cases the carpet needs to be detached from the spike strip on the edge of the room. The expert will then use a power stretcher that will stretch to the opposite wall. This ensures that we get the proper tension across the entire room. The expert will then re-tuck the carpet under the base boards and reattach the carpet to the spike strip.

Another common type of damage is the carpet splitting at the seam. As the carpet wears in high traffic areas, the seams can delaminate and split apart. Islands Carpet Cleaners has the perfect tools that will take care of this. We will use a combination of special adhesives, special carpet irons, and seam tensioners to get the perfect, just installed look.