Water Damage

Don't be this person.

Islands Carpet Cleaners provides premium water damage clean up services coupled with over 15 years of experience. It is best for us to get to the site as soon as possible. After the damage has been noticed, you should call right away so we can start the recovery process. If the carpet remains saturated for too long, it is subjected to mold, mildew, and delamination of the carpet backing.

The first step for us to accomplish is to use our machines to suction as much of the water as possible. From there we will de-tack the damaged portion of the carpet from the floor to gain a better knowledge of the damage lying underneath. Many times we will have to take the carpet padding to our location to be dried and treated off site. We then spray a disinfectant and deodorizer to ensure there is no smell of standing water, and no chance for mold and mildew to occur. This disinfectant and deodorizer is spayed multiple times throughout the entire process. Then air movers are set up to ensure the fastest drying time possible for both the carpet and the concrete slab. We will then reassemble the padding and carpet. The last step that we perform is a thorough cleaning of the entire carpet in that room or any room that was affected.

This process could take a couple of days to perform properly and we monitor the entire service at least one time a day. If the air moisture level is too high, the job is subjected to have a dehumidifier left on premises at a rental cost of a daily flat fee. The most important thing to do in a water damage situation is to call us as soon as you can so we can ensure that the service is done promptly and properly.