The carpet cleaners for Savannah. Residential and commercial. Difficult stain removal

Islands Carpet Cleaners is a professional carpet cleaning service. We do both residential and commercial carpet cleaning as well as difficult stain removal. We typically do rotary extraction for most residential work. Rotary extraction is a much more thorough process than extracting with a typical wand.  However the rotary extraction we do also uses lower water flow rates than a wand. Less water equals faster drying. On commercial glue down jobs we will at times do low moisture encapsulation instead.   We firmly believe in providing the best finished product possible. We provide carpet cleaning services for Wilmington Island, Savannah Ga. and surrounding areas. Below are just a few small samples of the results we have delivered. There are also random tips throughout this page on how to maintain your carpet investmen

Below is a before and after picture and video of a very dirty carpet.


TIP… Vacuum carpet regularly.  That is very important in maintaining carpet life. Also use a real vacuum with a beater bar and lots of suction. Make sure vacuum is free of obstructions in entire vacuum recovery path and filters are clean. 

Below is before and after pic of dirty, spotted Berber carpet.

Below are a few pics of pet “accidents” before and after.

More pet stains in carpet

 The pictures below show damage that can happen when pets repeatedly go in the same areas. The top picture shows urine soaked through carpet into padding. The bottom picture shows the staining going through the pad on the wood subfloor.

Staining in subfloor

TIP…. Clean spots and spills as soon as they happen if possible. The sooner the better. The longer they sit the more likely a spot can become a stain….