Carpet repair service in Savannah Ga., Offering carpet stretching, carpet patching, carpet spot dying and carpet cleaning

 Call us today for carpet re-stretching or repair in Savannah, Wilmington Island, Skidaway Island or surrounding areas. We provide carpet stretching, patching, repairing of frayed edges, tears and holes. We also do carpet spot dying for minor bleach spots.

 Carpet can sometimes become damaged due to pets, dragging heavy furniture etc…life happens. Never fear when it comes to minor damage in carpet, we can take care of it.

Minor bleach spots? No problem, we offer a spot dye service as well.

Tip: Many common bathroom and kitchen cleaners contain bleach.  The spay tips will sometimes drip while spraying. Often they drip onto the carpet requiring spot dying to repair color loss.  Check the ingredients of the cleaners you normally use for bleach.  Those cleaners are the number one cause of the need for spot dying.